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Introducing the next generation hyperbaric home care system. The Eclipse™ Elite

97% Pure Oxygen
Digital Power-Based CPU
2-person hyperbaric Chamber
State of the Art Safety Mechanisms
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Trusted by Americans as the Finest & Best Portable Hyberbaric Chamber on the Market

We purchased the Eclipse™ Elite hyperbaric chamber for our 3 daughters with Autism as we read online that it may help. Little did we know that there are so many chambers available but we didn’t feel they had the specs we needed to fully get the benefits we read about online so we invested in the Eclipse™ Elite. We have not been disappointed! Our daughters are doing SO much better to a point now where our previously non verbal youngest can now say her ABC’s after 10 hours in the chamber. Thank you guys – you are the BEST!
Mandy & Tom Fitzsimons,
 New York
I have used a few of the chambers available in the USA in various clinics but decided to
invest in the Eclipse for use regularly at home. I love it! The results I am getting far out way
what I have previously had in other chambers plus the build quality is bar none, outstanding.
Jill Swartz,
*These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your medical professional before starting, stopping, or adjusting any medications.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Individual results can and will vary dependent upon many factors. Please note that included testimonials may be from existing customers.

We are on a Mission to Change the Face of Hyperbaric Home Care Worldwide

Welcome to Hyperbaric AUS, the future in hyperbaric home treatment. Our goal is to make only the finest and the best Portable Hyperbaric Chamber available to the AUS market. And we have left no stone unturned, resulting in a collaboration that will change the face of hyperbaric home care worldwide. Hyperbaric AUS have invested heavily in discovering what it takes to be number one in the industry.

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Introducing the Game Changer

The Eclipse™ Elite Personal Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Our Eclipse Elite Portable Hyperbaric Chambers deliver oxygen at a safe and effective 1.35 ATA at 10L per minute all delivered by our onboard CPU system combined with the only chamber in the world with carbon scrubbing technology. With BOTH external and internal gauges, it’s easy to see what pressure the chamber is operating at.
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97% Pure Oxygen
New Mainframe CPU
New Carbon Dioxide Removal
New Air Conditioning Unit
Internal Steel Frame and LED light
Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

How can the Eclipse™ Elite Personal Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Help?

Immune Modulation

Time in the chamber can increase your Glutathione by approximately 15%. Glutathione is a part of your immune system that protects your cells and eliminates harmful free radicals in your blood. It also reduces inflammation to increase your body’s ability to heal itself from sickness.

Pain & Inflammation

Inflammation blocks blood flow to your body’s tissues, causing pain and an inability to heal. This pressurized pure oxygen binds itself to your blood’s plasma and carries the oxygen into those inaccessible areas, encouraging new blood vessels to grow while eliminating the pain and inflammation.

Brain & Cognitive Function

Hyperbaric therapy has helped thousands of people increase their cognitive function. There are incredible case studies of significant improvement in brain function of children with autism and people recovering from brain damage.

Energy Boosting

Oxygen is the ultimate energy boost and can give you athlete-like stamina. Hyperbaric therapy can increase your lungs and body’s capacity to take in oxygen, taking in up to 10 times more oxygen than normal conditions.


Increased oxygen through hyperbaric therapy encourages the growth of new blood vessels and helps to treat age-related diseases. Along with the increased energy it gives, the hyperbaric chamber sessions can help you both look and feel younger.

Peak Performance

Oxygen is the number one performance ingredient! It reduces muscle fatigue, discourages the build-up of lactic acid, gives you better focus and memory, and boosts your energy. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy will leave you feeling rejuvenated and at the top of your game.
Hyperbaric Therapy

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